Hi! I'm Raquib-ul Alam

Professionally, I work as a Senior Android Engineer. My Android experiences span over eight years.

Academically, my research focusses on medical image and signal processing towards the development of machine learning and statistical models.

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Skills Summary

Android Development

9 years experience

  • Android SDK
    Have used all components of Android SDK in different projects
  • Android NDK
    Experienced with using Android NDK
  • Unit testing
    Strive for maximum code coverage using modern test-first development
  • Jetpack libraries
    Highly accustomed to using the jetack libraries
  • RxJava and Kotlin Flow
    Experienced in using both RxJava and Kotlin Flow in different projects
  • Continuous integration
    Worked with many CI, CD tools such as teamcity, bamboo, and bitbucket pipelines

Machine Learning

3 years experience

  • Classical machine learning
    Accustomed to using various classical machine learning algorithms in different projects
  • Computer vision
    In several of my projects, I employed OpenCV and traditional computer vision techniques in medical images
  • Tensorflow
    Have used tensorflow extensively in several research projects
  • Data processing
    Have numerous publications in the field of medical signal and image processing
  • Data visualization
    Strive to produce meaningful and digestable visualization of big data

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